January Favorites

Happy February everyone! Wow that sounds weird saying considering it feels like January had just started. And for a month that comes right after the equally parts exciting and hectic month of December, this month didn’t slow down that much at all for me. I started studying for the GRE which has made my Saturdays now “Studydays” and my usually social Tuesdays now “Tutordays.” I also have been trying to up my running mileage so my long runs on Sundays have been extra long. And other than that I’ve just been unusually and unconsciously stressed out! I know this because I have been having stress dreams most nights. But despite this, it was still a really solid month. Here were my favorites!

february favorites.jpg

Rhett & Link – My newest YouTube craze. These guys are hilarious, humble and hot which is always a winning combination in my book. Yes they have wives and children but that only makes them more attractive in my eyes. My favorite video of theirs so far is their Sound Bath one.

Urban Decay Naked 2 – I usually don’t break this out as much in the warmer months but since January has been significantly colder here in Boston, I was really in the mood this month to whack on a smokey eye (a couple of times). This is my favorite palette for creating these looks.

CeraVe Moisturizing Cream – Thicker than it’s sister the CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion, the cream version feels a lot more moisturizing to me. It’s by definition a thicker formula which makes it feel more luxurious and keeps my skin hydrated for at least 24 hours. I’ve also discovered that I love the feel of dipping my hand into a vat of goop.

Bad to the Bronze – Before creating my smokey eye with my Urban Decay Naked 2 I’ve been using this cream shadow as a great base color and eye primer. The shadows on top blended seamlessly and stayed on my eyes all night. Definitely one of my favorite makeup items that I own.

LAFCO Pool House Candle – I had been eyeing (and sniffing) this candle for months but was always scared off by its hefty price tag ($60!). But I finally got this candle for Christmas after I specifically asked for it and am so happy that I did. This candle smells like lilac, burns super slowly because it’s a soy wax candle and leaves my entire apartment smelling beautifully for hours after I’ve put it out. If we’ve been burning any candle in our place this month it was this one. If you’re willing to shell out $60 on a candle I would definitely recommend this one because you will honestly get sooo much use out of it(90 hours). Plus you get a lovely hand-crafted glass container after you finish it which I will definitely end up reusing.

The Bachelor – Judge all you want but I happen to think that Ben Higgins (so far) is the best bachelor they’ve had on the show in years. (sorry Chris, Juan Pablo, Sean, and that other guy who went twice) I’m part of the Bachelor nation and I’m a proud of it!



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