Beauty and Fashion that Needs to End in 2016

I try to have a very open mind when it comes to fashion and beauty cause there have been many times when I’ve judged a trend at first glance but eventually have come to like and try it out myself! But while this happens on occasion the majority of the time I generally stick to my guns. Below I’ve listed a couple fashion and beauty trends that have been or are currently “on trend” right now that I think I’ll be passing on. Please let me know if I’m the only one who feels this way!


Dresses with randomly placed holes in the front – Because everyone woman wants to show off her stomach? I mean if you have a six packed or are super toned than I can understand why you wouldn’t be self conscious about your stomach but I just think it’s a really awkward place for a hole that doesn’t really make sense.

Platform Sandals – I’m not gonna lie, these just remind me of clown shoes. And it might just be me but generally I don’t like making my feet look bigger than they actually are. I get that some people (myself included) like wearing shoes with heels to add height or length to their legs but I think these shoes just look clunky and really don’t add length.

Intense Strobing – My dislike of strobing definitely stems from my days as an oily skinned teenager. So the act of intentionally making myself look “wet” and shiny doesn’t exactly appeal to me. Don’t get me wrong, a good highlight that adds a little life into otherwise dull and completely matte skin is something I’m all for! Heck, I have Becca Champagne Pop! But I’m very reserved with how much I use and even then still get a little nervous that I’m gonna wipe off or spread it around my face throughout the day.

Mules – Mules simply do not lengthen the leg as much as regular heels do because they stop at your ankle and basically chop the bottom of your foot off. And they don’t have the convenience of a back or strap to keep them on! Definitely not as bad as platform sandals but I’ll definitely be choosing regular heels over mules every time.

Blurred Lips – I’m really, really confused by this trend. Why would you want it to look like your lipstick is running or drying up? It’s axiomatic that when you’re lipstick comes off in the center of your lips you reapply cause it looks silly, so why wouldn’t this apply to your lipstick coming off at the edges?


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