A Few Personal Insights


I consider myself a very introspective person. And I’ve always loved taking personality quizzes and learning stuff about myself that I may have not realized otherwise. And it’s not just myself that I’m interested in learning about, I love hearing about my friends and family members personalities too. Hearing what makes someone tick is so fascinating and enlightening to me that I thought I would share some things about myself that aren’t the usual things that one shares in a “describe yourself” sort of a situation. These are things that I haven’t always known about myself but have come to realize over time and are big reasons for why I am the way I am. Let me know if you share any of these traits!

Crave structure and substance – I like having a set routine for exercise, work, studying, etc. I find comfort in having a schedule and knowing where I’m going to be during the week and what I’m going to be doing. If I have too much free time on my hands to sit around I go stir crazy very quickly and agitated that I’m not doing something.

Need human interaction – The only time you will ever find me enjoying alone time is when I’m passed out in bed taking a nap. Other than that I never crave “me time” or time by myself because I just would rather be with people! I enjoy life the most when I’m with my friends and family. And honestly, I’m happier being “alone” with other people in a public place than alone in my apartment. Does that make sense?

Enjoy repetitive or thoughtless tasks – Puzzles? Check. Crochetting? Check. Vacuuming? Check. Anything that gives me something to do that requires my attention but doesn’t stress me out is right up my alley. I know these activities may sound boring to others but they really calm me down! I feel like I’m getting something accomplished by either cleaning, organizing or creating something but given it’s relaxing nature, it really puts me at ease.

Am not good about hiding my emotions – This trait of mine has definitely come out more since graduating high school as I have gained more confidence in myself. And although being expressive is for the most part a good thing, sometimes I feel like my facial expressions are gonna get me in trouble one day… But when my face isn’t expressing my emotions, I feel like my honesty and comfort in expressing my emotions and feelings has done me a lot of good.

Always need something to look forward to – I feel like this is a trait I share with the most people. I am generally a very upbeat, and happy person but I don’t think I would be as positive if I didn’t always have something in the back of my mind to look forward to. This is one of the reasons I’m always busy, I’m always making plans so that I’ll have these things to get excited about! My plans are always there to make an otherwise bad day just another bump along the road to get through before my good day arrives 🙂



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  1. I always need something to look forward to as well! I feel like that keeps me on the positive side of things in life 🙂

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