Brush Cleaning Routine

Up until last year I didn’t really know that cleaning makeup brushes was a thing that people did. And then I discovered the magical world of Youtube and quickly learned that after repeated uses and numerous makeup looks, your brushes need some love too. So via the recommendation of a Youtuber I bought the Solid BlenderCleanser which was originally created for the ever popular beauty cleanser but is now used for makeup brushes of all kinds. Here’s what I do:

IMG_54411. Lay out grimiest looking brushes and take a look at how gross they are.

2. Wet the soap with a fair amount of water (I basically use run water over mine for a second of two.

3. Wet a brush with the head facing downwards so that water does not get up the staff of the brush.

IMG_54464. Swirl the wet brush in circular motions on top of the soap and then swirl the soapy brush on the palm of your hand. You may see colors coming off the brush onto the soap or your hand, this is good!

5. Rinse and gently squeeze the bristles to get the dirty water out.

6. Repeat this process until no more color is coming off or out of the brush.

7. Place the brush down on a paper towel laying on a slightly slanted surface (raised 1-2 inches) so that the head of the brush is at the bottom of the incline and water can easily run out of the brush.

8. Wait for 12+ hours and give the semi-dry brush another swirl on your hand to loosen up the bristles and place back on surface at a different angle to make sure they are sticking a certain way.

9. Wait until the bristles are completely dry and admire your handy work!



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  1. Isn’t brush cleaning the most tedious task in the world?!

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    1. So tedious, but also oddly calming haha

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