My Shower Routine


Sorry if this is TMI for your liking but being the nosy person I am, I like to know about everybody’s business and people’s shower routines is definitely included in this. And for something that is so important in everyone’s beauty/skincare/hair care upkeep, I feel like this is a strangely untouched subject for bloggers! I mean yes, you’re naked in the shower, but hey, we’re all adults here and showering is something we all do so swallow your giggles and let’s get down and dirty (or rather clean hehe) with my shower routine.

First off, I shower about 5 times a week: everyday when I work out and Saturdays. And yes, I wash my hair during every shower which I know is “bad” for my hair but my hairdresser says my hair is healthy and I trust her opinion so that’s what really matters!

  1. Hop in and use my Pantene Aqualight Shampoo which is Silicon and Paraben-free, whatever that means. The smell is super light and clean and leaves my hair feeling super duper clean.
  2. Apply my Pantene Aqualight Conditioner (paraben-free) mainly to the back and ends of my hair. Once I’ve combed most of it through with my fingers I go back and smooth whatever’s left on my hands into the hair closer to my scalp. Then I leave the conditioner in for the next few steps
  3. At this point I use one of the following all over my body:
    • Dove Gentle Exfoliating Beauty Bar – This is legitimately the only soap I have every used that has not left my skin feeling squeaky or waterproof after using it. Does anyone else get that with soap? That feeling that your skin is all of a sudden rubbery and gross? Well this soap doesn’t do that.
    • Dial Spring Water Refreshing Body Wash – Oh my goodness the smell of this is soooo gooood. If they made a perfume this scent I would buy it. It’s clean, but sweet that isn’t floral which is not a scent I usually go for. But after I loofah with this wash I can honestly smell it on my skin hours and hours later, even after moisturizing.
  4. (Optional) Shave the underarms and Legs when soap or body wash is still on
  5. (Optional) Exfoliate with either:
  6. Rinse out my conditioner
  7. Hop out and dry off as quickly as possible!
  8. Smear globs of CeraVe Moisturizing Cream all over my body besides my face
  9. Apply about a pump and a half of Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion to my face
  10. Put my Secret Clinical Strength (I change up the scent) on my underarms
  11. Brush through my hair with a brush, then with my fingers, then rub it with a towel for an initial dry
  12. Blow dry my bangs to make sure they don’t dry heavy on my face. And if I’m feeling up to it blow dry the rest of my face

And that’s it! Hope I didn’t overshare but I had fun writing this post 🙂 Till tomorrow!


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