Tarte Light of the Party Holiday Palette First Impressions

It’s a very rare occasion that I’m surprised with a beauty purchase as a gift simply because nine times out of ten I’m the one giving the advice on what purchases people should be making. And I don’t know about you but I personally dislike buying items that I know nothing about for people who are pretty knowledgeable on that item and therefore probably pretty picky with them.

So when I received the Tarte Light of the Party Holiday Palette from my sister (an equally knowledgable makeup girl) for Christmas this year, I was completely surprised! And despite not having much experience with the brand (I only own one of their Amazonian Clay blushes) I’d heard amazing things about their products so I was really excited and happy to receive this gift.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS – So first of all, the packaging is gorgeous and if the palette itself wasn’t stuck so stubbornly to the sides of the case I would definitely re-purpose this case as a clutch. The whole thing comes with 24 eye shadows, their Lights Camera Lashes Mascara, an eye shadow brush and a mini palette with 6 more eye shadows, a blush, a bronzer and a highlight. From what I’ve read online, all of the shades in the palette are their Amazonian Clay formula. Now this is a good and a bad thing. It’s a good thing because the staying power can be amazing but a bad thing because they can be very dry, not as pigmented and very difficult to apply. What I found was that a lot of the matte shades were very dusty, quite solid, and required quite a lot of pressure from my fingers to swatch them and get them to show on my swatches. The satiny and shimmery colors, however, were another story. They were a lot more buttery, had a lot more pigmentation, and were overall easier to work with.

I’ll have to do more trial and error with these bad boys but given the fact that there are over 30 shades of products in here, I’m positive I will get some great use out of a lot of these shades. Hope this helps!


  1. Sugar Cookie
  2. In a Flurry
  3. Fizz the Season
  4. It’s Snow Time
  5. Eggnog
  6. What a Wonderful Pearl
  7. Miracle of Light
  8. Rum Pum Plum
  9. Tartetini
  10. Baby it’s Gold Outside
  11. Peach on Earth
  12. Come What Grey
  13. Under the Mistle-Taupe
  14. Ring-a-ling
  15. Fireside Chat
  16. Chrome for the Holidays
  17. Sleigh Watch
  18. Mulled Wine
  19. Party Favored
  20. Gingerbread Mansion
  21. Cocoa what Fun
  22. Black Velvet
  23. Haute Chocolate
  24. Midnight Kiss
  25. Popcorn Strand
  26. Wrapped Up
  27. Dance & Prancer
  28. Shining Star
  29. Yule be Surprised
  30. Mulberry & Bright
  31. Social Butterfly
  32. Amazed
  33. Pink Champagne

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