What’s in My Bag?

“What’s in my bag?” posts and videos are one of my favorite types to read and watch. I just love knowing what other people consider their essentials and have on them at all times cause I like getting ideas for my own bag! So I thought it was about time I shared with you what’s in mine.


Coach Backpack – I got this second hand at Second Time Around back in October and it quickly became my everyday bag. I love the convenience of backpacks and the fact that it doesn’t stress out my shoulders!

iPhone 5S – Because I live in the 21st century

Kate Spade Wallet (similar but with black trim)- I’ve owned this wallet for almost a year now and am still so in love with it every time I pull it out. I think it’s the perfect combination of sophisticated and girly.

Ray Ban Sunglasses – Another second hand gift I received from one of my friends. I’d been in the market for this style for a while when she said she had a pair that she never wore so I was happy to accept them when she offered them up.

iPhone Charger – Because I’m always playing games on my phone and terrified that it will die on me.

Headphones – I cannot stand silence so you will never find me without headphones in if I have free time.

Floss – I’m a chronic flosser. The first step is admitting you have a problem.

Deodorant – Cause I’d rather not have to worry about smelling.

Aleve – I get headaches quite frequently and the occasional migraine so I keep Aleve or Advil on me at all times.

Contact Solution, Lens Case and Eye Drops – Cause life with lenses is a hard life to live.

Nail File – I bit my finger nails for so long and I know that I’ll bite them again if I see a jagged edge so I carry this on me to prevent that from happening.

Mirror/Brush – Pretty obvious I think.

Tampon (x2) – Obvious as well.

Band aids – Cause I’ve needed them before.

Bobby Pins and Plastic Hair Grips – Having bangs you need bobby pins to pull them back before a workout. And hair grips to fake a nice hair do on the go.

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion – My holy grail facial moisturizer. I don’t always have this in my purse but definitely need it with me during the colder months.

Matches – I think I just randomly picked these up on the way out of a restaurant in NYC. Haven’t used any yet and probably won’t!

Aquaphor – An absolute necessity for me during the Winter. I use this on my lips and nose and basically anywhere else on my face that is dry and cracking. It’s the only thing that works for me.

Travel Size Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs – A beautiful light, fresh scent that is nice to put on when going from day to night.

Nars Chelsea Girls Lip Gloss – My newest addition, I’ve been wearing this a bunch because I actually have been enjoying the feeling of something glossy on my lips lately. Plus the color is beautiful.

Mini Makeup Forever Rouge Artist Natural Lipstick in N9 – A free sample that turned out to be a nice moisturizing “your lips but better” nude.

MAC Supreme Sheen in Impressive – My first “high end” lipstick and very much my PERFECT nude. It’s also the creamiest of my lipsticks so it feels amazing.

MAC Kinda Sexy – A lighter nude that I like to pull out when I’m craving a matte lip that’s super low maintenance.

NARS Audacious Lipstick in Audrey – My most expensive lipstick and the only bold color I take with me. It’s still very much appropriate for day time but I like to pull this out when I need a boost of confidence.



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