10 Tiny Guilty Pleasures

I am a firm believer in appreciating the little things in life.Yes, the big vacations and splurges are wonderful, but the majority of our time it’s the tiny, unplanned, and sometimes understated happy moments that keep us going. And after returning from a big weekend in NYC, I’m happy to get back to the simple guilty pleasures that make my days 🙂 Here are some of those things. I’d love to know what yours are!

  1. Watching Jeopardy
  2. Buying a coffee for a friend and pleasantly surprising them with it
  3. Keeping my wine cold for ice (I know that’s frowned upon but I’d rather have cold, every so slightly watered down wine than warm strong wine, just me?)
  4. Crosswords, anywhere, anytime.
  5. Grilled cheese with tomato soup
  6. Revisiting musical soundtracks that I haven’t listened to in years
  7. Whenever you get a seat to yourself on the train or bus
  8. Finding a shop that sells Kinder chocolate and proceeding to buy three bags worth (this happens a lot)
  9. Turning on Christmas tree lights
  10. Snuggling up with a puppy



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