Holiday Nails

I have to say, for someone who has her nails painted 24/7 365 days a near, I’m not one to experiment a lot with nails. 95% of the time I’ll have a taupe, light pink or deep cranberry color on my nails and the other 5% of the time I’ll go for a brighter color for vacations. And while I definitely experimented with sparkles when I was really young, and by experiment I mean I had my nanny paint completely cover them in sparkles) I shied away from them for a good decade or so.

Now times have changed and I’m bringing them back because let’s face it, you should never back out on a chance to sparkle. So in order to bring back this sparkle and get ready for my holiday party tomorrow, I went for a crimson red and gold sparkley tips. I did this by starting out with 2 coats of red followed by a layer of sparkles going half-way down my nails followed by a second coat of sparkles at the tip of the nails. Let me know what you think!



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