Emergency Purse Pouch

Upon arriving at work yesterday, I was immediately greeted with speck of dust in my eye (or something else of that variety). Now I wear contacts, so the urge to rub my eyes is always trumped by the fear of pushing my contact lens to the back of my eyeball so for an hour or so I just sat there attempting to blink the dust away before actually getting up to find eye drops.

This was a rare occurrence though because usually I have my trusty emergency purse pouch that keeps all my essentials in case of a situation such as this. Unfortunately I have been lazy over the past month and have yet to put together a real one since getting a new bag. My current one contains mascara, moisturizer, tampons and deodorant but my fully stocked one contains the following:

emergency kit

I’d love to know what must-haves you all keep in your purse in case of emergencies! I’m very open to suggestions 🙂


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