Bare Faced and Beautiful

I didn’t really get into makeup until after graduating college. My routine consisted of mascara and eyeliner, and maybe some eye shadow on the weekends, and I was completely happy with this! Since then my daily routine hasn’t changed that much (cat flick, mascara, waterline and brows) but other things have. I’ve realized that makeup can be a great creative outlet so my collection of products has significantly increased, I have practiced and experimented with a lot more of these products to create looks and have now become the resident makeup artist within my groups of friends. And although I love applying and wearing makeup, I don’t feel the need to wear it, and I would never want to send the message to anyone that they need makeup to look and feel beautiful. So in order to drive that message home, I thought I’d post some “nude” selfies without a drop of makeup on (or ab. I feel confident in my own makeup-free skin, and you should too 🙂 And for those of you that feel the same way, I tag you to post a Bare Faced and Beautiful post as well and please tag me in it!





I find it so hard to take myself seriously when I take these selfies so I had to throw this one in there


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  1. ashmae08 says:

    Love going make up free and much more confident now that my skin care routine is keeping my skin flawless!

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    1. That’s great that you have a solid skin care routine! It took me a while to figure mine out 🙂


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