Product Review: Shadow Insurance in Champagne

The Too Faced Shadow Insurance in Champagne is the first and only eye shadow primer I have purchased. I bought it last Spring and honestly didn’t use it much until the Summer because I usually don’t wear eye shadow on the weekdays and for that reason thought I didn’t really need it. But then Summer game and it was a whole different story.



  • You only need a very small amount to cover your eye
  • Glides over skin easily and dries quickly
  • Prevents my lids from getting oily, even after a run!
  • Makes it easier to apply and blend eye shadows
  • Prolongs the stay power of eye shadows
  • Adds a really subtle shimmer to my eyes for a no-brainer everyday “eye shadow” look


  • You have to be very careful when getting it out of the tube cause it can come out really quickly
  • Doesn’t have any form of applicator so you have to use your hands

Overall this was a GREAT purchase and I would definitely repurchase it again. I found that come Summer I was using it everyday for the sole purpose of keeping my lids from getting greasy but now that it’s cooled down, I’m stilling using it for this as well as just an everyday “shadow.” It’s practically colorless once you have blended it in but adds just the right amount of champagney shimmer to my eyes. In fact, when I was at MAC a couple weeks back and my friend asked one of the women to help her find an eye shadow like mine, I had to tell her it was only a primer and she was shocked! It is a little pricey but because you need so little of it, it is definitely worth the price. If you’ve tried it before let me know what you think! And if not, then go grab one!

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  1. Bloomify says:

    I love this primer!

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  2. Hannah // From Me To You says:

    I’ve been wanting to buy this primer! I love the champagne color!

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    1. It’s definitely worth it!

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  3. Gabrielle says:

    This one is great, but I would also recommend Urban Decay’s Primer Potion in ‘Minor Sin’

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve heard really good things about those too! I’ll have to check it out for myself next time I’m in Sephora 🙂


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