Online Dating and 7 Reasons Why I Can’t Do It

online dating

Disclaimer alert: Just because I feel that online dating does not work for me does not mean it won’t work for everyone. My opinions are purely based off my own experiences and what I’ve witnessed personally.

But moving on, I truly think that I am one of those people that dating apps just do not work for. I’ve been on these apps for a year and a half now and have gone on a hand full of dates, but none of them have led me to someone I’ve felt really attracted to. Here are my personal opinions as to why I think that these online dating applications are not working out for me:

  1. Your first impression of them is largely on their appearance and not their personality. There’s only so much else on their profile that you can base your initial instinct to swipe right or swipe left off of.
  2. People’s texting style is a terrible representation of who they are but is the only way to communicate when you start talking. I happen to be a terrible texter and I know a handful of guys who are too so this combination is never good.
  3. Some times less is more and more is less. The more options you have, the less inclined you are to spend time figuring out how you feel about one specific person.
  4. There’s a large chance that you won’t know anyone who can give you a second opinion on them before or after you meet them for the first time. And a large part of me getting excited about someone is hearing more about them through someone else.
  5. Some people may act differently in a group or with friends than they do with just you, so you might go through a bunch of dates and not realize they have a completely different side to them until its been weeks or months!
  6. There’s too much pressure the first time you meet the person to feel a certain way. There’s a reason why the phrase “no pressure” is comforting, and meeting someone for the first time with the soul purpose of trying to find a potential partner is not exactly low pressure! Plus you can never be too sure what their intentions are either. Which leads me to my next point.
  7. There are a lot of people out there, girls included, that are just looking for the easy hookup (not their for the “right reasons” as any Bachelor aficionado would say). And if you meet one of those people, you’re not gonna find out their true intentions until you get back from the date and never hear from them again cause you didn’t put out.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about this topic so please leave a comment! I can’t be alone in feeling this way, right?


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  1. Multiqueen says:

    Yep you summed up pretty much how I feel about those apps as well x). I just wish we (as a society) could come up with an in-between and spontaneous solution when it comes to meeting people

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    1. I completely agree. Glad to hear I’m not the only one who feels this way!


  2. Great post! Online dating is such a big thing recently it’s a bit scary! People are all about swiping…But I should not criticize because I actually met my boyfriend online and we are together for almost two years now! But before I met him I have to say it was really awkward sometimes when meeting people met online. Getting fake calls from friends to leave the date included haha! I’m actually planning to write a post about types of guys on tinder 😉

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    1. Thanks! And that’s awesome that you found your boyfriend from it 🙂 And I’ll definitely be checking out your post when it’s up!

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