October Favorites

Another month come and gone! October was lovely, not as busy as September which was really nice and it definitely cooled down here on the East Coast so running was significantly more enjoyable. Here are the list of things I’ve been loving this past month. Enjoy and have an incredible Halloween weekend!

october favorites

How to Get Away with Murder – Super addicting crime/drama/mystery series. Each episode deals with a different courtroom case that lawyer and law professor Annelise Keating, with the help of a select group of her students, are hired for while over the course of the entire season little bits of light are shed on one overarching mystery.

Toasted Graham latte – I think I mentioned this in my September Favorites as well but oh my goodness is this thing good. I’ve successfully spread the word of its deliciousness and it has quickly become a favorite among my coworkers and friends. I get mine with skim milk but I’m sure it tastes good no matter how they make it.

Aviary – My first photo app! This app lets you retouch photos in ways that your phone and Instagram cannot. And it’s not just the filters, the ability to blur, focus, whiten and manipulate colors are what really got me hooked.

Urban Jungle Nail Polish by Essie – New favorite nail polish! If Chin Chilly,Sand Tropez, and Marshmallow had a baby, this is what it would look like. It’s a mix of taupe, sand and is very light but absolutely beautiful and would look good on anyone.

Nars Eye Shadow Duo in Isolde – Is this duo too expensive? For $35 I’d say yes. But gosh these colors are gorgeous. They are the exact colors I think of when I think Fall and putting them together like this makes them the perfect grab and go combo.

Coach Backpack – I think since I bought this backpack at Second Time Around I’ve used another bag maybe once? It’s just so easy to carry around, I mean you really aren’t technically carrying anything cause you just strap up and go! My shoulders are thanking me for this purchase and I definitely see myself wearing it for years to come.

Silver Birch and Winter Glow Yankee Candles – I did a whole post on these guys but quickly, they’re not sweet and sugary like most Fall candles, they’re very much the woodsy scents of Fall which are the ones I love 🙂


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