Clinique Goodie Bag: First Impressions

Clinique was the first ever makeup brand that I was introduced to and for the large majority of my life, was the only makeup brand that I had ever heard of. This was due to the fact that my mom was dedicated shopper of theirs and repeatedly purchased her two products from their line: their Happy perfume and their Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. And on the the occasions when she would make these purchases, she almost always spent enough to receive their gift with purchase in the form of a goodie bag full samples. This is where I came in. My mom doesn’t really wear makeup so all of the fun stuff (aka bright red lipsticks and blue shimmery eye shadows) would go to me and my sister. And with small exceptions (I usually don’t go for the blue eyes shadows now and actually know what the skincare items are for) this tradition of my mom giving my sister and I these Clinique goodie bags has continued throughout my entire life. Here’s the most recent bag that my mom received and the items that I took home for myself:



  • Long Last Soft Matte Lipstick in Crimson – Very pretty red bordering pink. The texture is just that, soft and not drying at all but definitely matte. I’ll have to see how this lasts on my lips.


  • All About the Shadow Quad in Autumn Days – Very creamy texture and the two shimmer colors (Starstruck and Amber) are super pigmented. Unfortunately the two matte browns fall short and are not very pigmented at all, even though they look like it in the photo.
  • Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion – My go-to facial moisturizer in the colder months, love this stuff. Super moisturizing but not greasy at all. Sinks in super quickly too.
  • High Impact Mascara in Black – Haven’t tried this guy out yet so I’ll have to report back!

Side Note: There are obviously two couple of items I didn’t take with me but that’s simply because they are oil based and oil based products do not work well with my skin!


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  1. Clinique was the first make-up brand I was introduced to as my sister though 🙂
    I absolutely love the Clinique gift bags..they never disappoint. I try and get one at least every year for the great value and quality make-up which is very travel friendly!

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    1. It really is such a great value! My mom and your sister were clearly doing something right 🙂

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  2. mbardillo says:

    I’m loving that lipstick!!! Great post!

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