Candle Collection

I admit, I haven’t been a huge candle person my entire life but this quickly changed after moving out of my parent’s house and into an apartment two July’s ago. I knew that scent was supposed to be the strongest evoker of emotions and memories of the five senses though and this definitely was true for me. So I started buying and burning candles in the hopes that their scents might latch themselves onto happy experiences we were going to have in our place and upon relighting them could rekindle these feelings of happiness and homeyness.

After over a year of living and lighting I can happily say this is exactly what happened. Here are some old and some new candles that have or will soon become staple scents in my home:


  • Michel Design Works Lapin Soy Wax Candle I definitely bought this for the bunny design on the candle but it was so cute! I also kept the box it came in to store hair clips and bobby pins. All the box and candle designs are simply gorgeous and the candle holders themselves can be reused with tea lights after you finish burning the original scent. But bunnies aside, this candle burns forever and has a very clean, almost spa soap smell which I happen to really like. I light this one in my bedroom and bathroom.
  • Spring’s Eden Candle in Wild Honeysuckle I purchased this on a whim in Anthropologie right before moving into my apartment. It was the first one we lit in our place and for this reason most reminds me of the apartment, especially in the Spring and Summer when we usually have it lit. It has a sweet but not too sweet, floral, honeysuckle scent (surprising I know) that easily fills our space. I light this one in our living room.
  • NEST Ocean Mist & Sea Salt Candle This is probably the most potent of my candles and completely worth the steep price. I didn’t even have to light this candle in order for the room to fill with its seaside aroma. After a couple of lights this went away but you definitely do not need to have this lit for long at all in order to fill a room with its clean, ocean aroma. It doesn’t smell tropical or fruity at all, which I like, but it definitely smells like the ocean. I light this one in my living room and kitchen.
  • Winter Glow Yankee Candle One of my two new purchases for the Fall season. Yes, it has “Winter” in the title but it’s definitely not an overpowering PINE TREES AND CINNAMON kind of a scent. It smells like a mixture of clean linen and forest (ok a little bit of pine) and it’s super light. I can keep this one lit for hours and not be overpowered by its scent, something I can really appreciate given my sensitive nose. I light this one in my living room.
  • Silver Birch Yankee Candle The second of my two Fall purchases, this one is actually part of their Fall collection! This has been the one my roommate and I have been lighting most this month. It’s definitely a woodsy smell but it also has a musky, very manly scent interwoven into it as well. Simply put, if I were dating a large, hunky, lumberjack, this is what I would hope he’d smell like. I light this one in our living room.
  • Balsam & Cedar Yankee Candle This smells like a Christmas tree. And if you like Christmas trees, you will like this candle. If you can’t have a real Christmas tree in your place and want it to smell like you do, buy this candle. In fact, even if you can have a Christmas tree in your place, you should do what I did and buy both because let’s be real, can you really have too much Christmas tree? I didn’t think so. I light this one in our living room with our real Christmas tree.
  • Sparkling Snow Yankee Candle We lit this guy pretty much every day in our apartment last Winter because it smells like Christmas and joy and everything that is good in Winter time. Similar to Winter Glow, this is a light pine candle but not overpowering at all so we can keep it lit for a long time without suffocating in piney goodness.  I know when I light this one I will definitely be taken back to last season. I light this one in our living room.

If you have any great staple candle scents in your home I’d love to know what they are!


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  1. i love winter glow, such a clean smell 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love it too, clean smells are definitely my favorite 🙂


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