Weekend Tid Bits

Good Morning Everybody!

I truly wish my energy level was as high as that exclamation mark alludes to but sadly that is not the case. I practically slept through my alarm this morning because I (or rather my subconscious) accidentally turned my snooze off entirely. But I’m not surprised because my weekend was seriously jam packed. Friday I went out with a friend, Saturday I walked my way through a South End House Tour that went to 4 miles, and then walked another 3 miles along the Charles to watch the Head of the Charles races. Sunday I ran 5 miles and got brunch with some other friends and then proceeded to take a nap at my parents house which should’ve help my case but I think only made me more tired in the long run. Any who, onto the pics!IMG_4951

Fiery foliage on the Charles River

IMG_4974  IMG_4973

Smokey eye look for Friday night on the town!


Banana Coconut pancakes to fuel me for my South End House tour


Popping a quick squat at one of the houses after 4 miles of walking


The cutest succulent you ever did see


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