Product Review: Body Shop Seaweed Pore-Cleansing Facial Exfoliator

I got this face wash for Christmas and given I’ve only used up about half of it at this point, that may be saying something.

body shop


  • Great exfoliator, got rid of all the dry rough patches on my skin
  • Nice packaging
  • Did not irritate my skin at all
  • Price is right


  • Smells like a mixture of rotten dirt and clay
  • Slightly drying so pretty intense moisturizer was needed after application (but that’s always the case with my skin after using exfoliators)

Overall the product is good and if you don’t mind the smell than it’s great! As you probably all know at this point though, I have a very sensitive and particular nose and the scent of this wash was not pleasing for me. And even though I find this exfoliator more effective in scrubbing off my dead skin, I still prefer my Neutrogena one simply because I actually enjoy the smell (scent is clearly very important to me).


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  1. Great post! I bought their tea tree oil cleanser once and it was drying too :/

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    1. Thanks a bunch! Good to know!

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