Best and Worst Colors for Dirty Blondes

best and worst

I’ve been blonde since before I can remember but pretty much since high school I’ve considered myself a dirty blonde. In fact, after Freshman year of college my blonde hair became so “dirty” that I took the leap and started to get highlights. Nothing drastic, but enough to keep my dirty blonde hair dirty blonde instead of mousy brown. My hair usually gets back to this shade on its own if I’ve been out in the sun on vacation but ain’t nobody got time for that.

But I digress, living with dirty blonde hair for so long has definitely given me ample time to figure out which colors work wonders for my hair, and which ones don’t. Now keep in mind there are a tooooon of different shades of dirty blonde so these are the colors I think work best and worst for my hair particularly. And for all of you dirty blondes out there, let me know if you agree or not! Maybe I can be convinced to try out some new shades 🙂


  • Navy – Makes my blonde hair stand out against a dark background.
  • Swamp Green – Complements the blonde parts in my hair really nicely.
  • Maroon – Make my hair look more golden and less brown.
  • Light Textured Beige – Dirty blonde hair stands out against this background but with similar color palettes, go really nicely together.
  • Orangey Toned Reds – This one is a little harder to pull off if you have really dirty blonde hair but the lighter your hair is, the more the red with orange undertones will bring out the yellowey blonde in your hair.


  • Pink – Pink, specifically a medium shaded pink has a tendency to make my hair look brassy and orange.
  • Orange – By orange I mean pumpkin orange clashes with my hair color and makes my hair look really dull.
  • Light Brown– Is too close to the color of my actual hair.
  • Yellow – Makes my hair look dark in comparison.
  • Neons – Next to the bright colors my hair takes on a darker and duller appearance.

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