Product Review: Jergens Natural Glow Daily Firming Moisturizer

The first time I tried this product was years ago upon my return from the Vineyard. Back then this product didn’t seem to give me any more tan than I already had and it smelled sickeningly sweet. So overall this was a complete miss for me and turned me off of the product for years

Fast forward to May of this year when I had just returned from Antigua and was desperately trying to keep my tan. I was looking for a gradual tanning moisturizer and spotted the Jergens one again, but this time it was labeled as having a new scent, thank goodness. So decided to give it another shot and here is what I found.


  • The scent is a lot better than it was before
  • It’s moisturizing (as a moisturizer should be)
  • It does not stain white clothes or sheets after application
  • Goes on easily and does not leave streaks (be careful with the fingers though, I always washed my hands after application)
  • Could see an increase in my tan after a couple uses.
  • Cheap.
  • The smell is still too sweet for my liking
  • It takes a little while to dry on this skin
  • No firming effects
  • After I exercised I could see the tan color on my legs kind of cracking and separate in a way. At this point it pretty much came off on anything I rubbed my leg with which was gross.

Overall I’m not sure if I would buy this item again because I’m pretty sure there are better products on the market that I’d be a little more willing to put a tad more money into. The gradual tan and overall moisturizing abilities were good (I don’t think it did anything to firm) but the smell and the ease in which it coagulated and came off so easily after a run outweighed the positives. If you don’t mind the smell though and don’t think you’ll be sweating profusely than I would try this out because besides those two negatives, I thought it was pretty good.


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