Accessorizing for Autumn

If you know me then you know I love layering. A lot of my style revolves around my tendency to layer things which makes it incredibly difficult for me to come up with outfits during the Summer when layering is a lot less reasonable with the 90 degree weather. But now that Fall is here, I’ve already broken out my sweaters, scarfs and boots and am incredibly excited to bring my layering game back up to par. Obviously layering can involve clothing being layered, but when it’s this early in the Fall, sometimes all you need are a few accessories to spice up your outfit. Here are some that would be welcome additions to my early Fall wardrobe:


Grey Beanie ($26) // Floppy Hat ($52) // Bag ($58) // Beige Beanie ($15) // Brown Scarf ($18) // Red Scarf ($26) // Maroon Scarf ($36) // Faux Fur Snood ($36)


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