On the Go Day-to-Night Transition Fixes

day to night

It’s not often that I make the traditional day-to-night transition as 4 out of the 7 days of the week my nights are comprised of exercise or dinner with the family. But on the occasions when I do need to make a quick turn around and change from my lazy day looks into more done up night looks in a pinch, there are a couple of things that can quickly transform my look and get my ready in no time. Obviously certain wardrobe pieces can instantly change your look but not all of us have the time to go back home to get ready so I’ve only included things that I always carry on me and have resorted to many times. I’d love to know what you carry on you for these instances!

  • Eyeliner – A quick cat eye can turn any look a little more glamorous with minimal effort.
  • Dark(er) Lipstick – If you’re transitioning from a day look chances are you won’t be wearing a smoky eye so applying a dark lipstick should be a safe bet and will instantly make you look like you prepared ahead of time for a night out.
  • Travel Size Perfume – I rarely wear perfume due to a super sensitive nose and being super headache prone, but I can handle it in small doses when I go out so just putting a little bit on puts me in the right headset and wakes me up a bit. Plus you’ll smell nice!
  • Deodorant – Do I really need to go over this?
  • Bobby Pins and Clear Elastics – If you’re hairs fallen flat or gone a little blah by the end of the day, minimalist hair stylers like these give you a ton of options for new night hairstyles for the rest of your night. I personally always feel revitalized after pulling my hair back after a day of having it down in my face so these are must-haves in my bag.

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