Things That I Can’t Wear

I am a firm believer that confidence is the best accessory and can definitely be the key to pulling off an outfit. But I also believe that certain things just look better with a certain body shape, skin color, hair color, etc. Over the years I have figured out which items work best for me and which ones might not put me in the best light. It’s not that I don’t like these pieces or think that they don’t work for a ton of other people (of whom I’m seriously jealous of), it’s just that I don’t find them flattering on me personally. Maybe one day I’ll have the confidence to venture into these pieces but for now, ere are the main articles of clothing that I tend to avoid:

can't wear

  • Anything yellow – My dirty blonde hair tends to clash with anything yellow so I stay away from this color in general.
  • Low Rise Pants – I’ve mentioned this before but I have shorter legs and a longer torso so low rise jeans tend to shorten my legs even more which is not a look I go for.
  • Cutaway necked anything – I got wide shoulders and a wide rib cage from my mama and cutaway necks tend to broaden my chest area which just makes me look kinda boxy.
  • Orange – Similar to yellow, orange clashes with my hair color and washes me out.
  • Straight Neckline Strapless Dresses/Shirts – Again, these cuts tend to broaden my already broad shoulders making me look a bit too square for my liking.
  • Rosegold – I think this may also be due to the fact that I simply don’t like the look of rosegold but there’s something about the color that doesn’t bode well with my yellowish toned skin. I’m much more of a gold and silver girl.

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  1. manutb14 says:

    What a lovely post! And so easily to relate too!

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