This past week was super busy but in the best way possible. I went on some beautiful runs exploring Cambridge, got my last beach day in, attended the SoWa market for the first time, went out to dinner with the family, and tried a new cookie recipe! I made white chocolate chip cranberry cookies with macadamia nuts and although I accidentally doubled the amount of salt and baking soda the recipe called for, they shockingly still turned out pretty well! So after this slight fiasco I became more motivated than ever to try some new cookie recipes and not mess them up! And now that the weather is finally cooling down, turning on the oven and baking sounds like the best way ever to spend a week night. Here are some recipes that I’d love to try:

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  1. Liz says:

    It sure is a great week for cookies 🙂 I have been eating them nonstop since Friday lol! The Milky Way ones look exceptionally good!

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    1. Lol I have too! And yeah those ones look so good, and the ones I’ve tried in the past taste amazinggg

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