Autumnal Favorites to Look Forward To


Hello everyone!

It’s only been three days since I last blogged (Monday was Labor Day here in the states so I took the day off) but I had already started to feel some separation anxiety so it’s good to be back online 🙂

Over the weekend I was in NYC and went on a walk through a part of the city that I had never been to before. This place was the Carl Schurz Park and unlike the rest of the city and anywhere else I’ve been recently, this park looked like it was in full Fall mode with the leaves changing and a crisp, warm, woodsy smell floating through the air. I wasn’t the only one to notice this as five minutes after I had mentioned how “Fallish” it felt, a friend who clearly hadn’t been listening to me said the exact same thing.

So obviously I started to get excited and for the rest of the weekend could not stop talking about how ready I was for the change of seasons. And so is the case for today. Here are some of my favorites things about the end of Summer and beginning of Autumn.

  1. Layering is back (specifically scarves)
  2. Visiting friends in Stamford, CT
  3. Breaking out all of my big oversized sweaters
  4. Ordering hot drinks instead of iced ones
  5. Not spending money on air conditioning
  6. Going out with a darker lip
  7. Walks in the woods with the leaves changing around me
  8. Not having to worry about my hair frizzing everyday
  9. Wearing boots and booties again! (I’ve missed you Fryes)
  10. Less oily skin which means my makeup will actually stay on!
  11. Thanksgiving (my second favorite holiday after Xmas)
  12. Wearing my dark purple and red nail polishes
  13. Being able to exercise outside without sweating myself silly
  14. My NYC friend visiting me in Boston
  15. Ed Sheeran concert

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