Fall 2015 Trends to Fall For

Let’s be real, I am probably the last person to jump on new fashion trends because 1. I tend to have a cynical outlook on trends and see them going out of fashion as quickly as they come in. And 2. I don’t like spending money on clothes in general. This does not, however, mean that I am completely out of the loop with upcoming trends. So in order to stay on top of things, I took a look at Elle’s Complete Fall 2015 Trend Guide to see if anything looked good. Here are my top five picks for this Fall’s fashion trends that I could actually see finding a place into my closet in the upcoming months.

fashion trends

Super high OTK Boots = Over the knee boots are one of those items that always make their wearers look instantly taller and sexier. They really lengthen the legs because there are no cut offs from the tips of your toes all the way up to your thigh! I’ve wanted to purchase a pair for a while but I’m nervous that I’m not BA enough for them. Hopefully I’ll get some courage this season 🙂

Plaid – Not really a new trend per say but I love wearing plaid so I’m not complaining. Paired over skinny jeans or leggings, and under vests, plaid clad outfits are my go-to ones for Fall.

Short Skirts – Another item I don’t think has ever really gone out of style but nonetheless short skirts paired with knit over the knee socks or tights are the perfect pairings for Fall. Super feminine and fun but still warm enough for when it starts to get chilly.

Higher Waists – I have a long torso so high waists give the illusion that I have longer legs and less torso than I actually do so yay! I seriously need to find some high waisted jeans ASAP.

Gloves – My mom and I are two people who have horrible circulation to our extremities (fingers and toes) so gloves are always in my bag. I find them incredibly fashionable and practical, which is not always a common combination in the fashion world.


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