Product Review: Neutrogena Extra Gentle Eye Makeup Remover Pads


It may surprise you to know that despite my nasty spending habits with makeup, I tend to scrimp when it comes to actual skincare products. I’m lucky in the fact that I have pretty good skin that doesn’t break out easily so I have never really felt the need to spend loads of money on products that I may or may not actually need. This is why I have always gone with drugstore makeup removers and cleansers, specifically Neutrogena face washes and Almay Makeup Remover pads. But after running out of my last pack of Almay makeup remover pads I decided to branch out and purchase the Neutrogena ones. To put it bluntly, I was disappointed. Here are my list of pros and cons:

  • Very soft
  • Big enough to take off bronzer/ blush/ tinted moisturizer very quickly
  • They’re not oily at all so they don’t break out my skin
  • Only have to use one to get makeup off
  • Seemed dry as soon as I opened them and require additional water to make them moist enough
  • Too thick to bend around and get into all the crevices of the eye
  • Simply aren’t that effective and require a lot of working around the eyes to get all the mascara/ eye liner off
  • They’re pretty darn large so you don’t get as many in a container as I would’ve hoped (30 per pack vs. 80 per pack with Almay for essentially the same price)

Bottom line- I’m sticking to my Almay ones, which although I do have to use two to get all my makeup off at the end of the night, are still much more effective and more bang for my buck. If you have any drug store makeup wipes that work well for your, please let me know! I’d love to try out another one 🙂


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  1. RachelW says:

    Great review! 🙂 xx

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