Easy Pork Dumplings


Last night I was driving home and realized it had been a while since I’d cooked anything (Sweet Greens and Qdoba have been staples in my life for the past few weeks) so I decided to try my hand at pan searing pork dumplings. And while trying new cooking techniques can be scary, I found this technique surprisingly simple and super fast! Here’s what I did:


Start out by creating the filling to the dumpling by combining all wet wet ingredients and adding pork in last. I used a modified version of this recipe but any will do!


Lay wonton wrappers out on counter or cutting board to avoid mess and speed up the filling process.


Fill each wonton with a little over 1/2tsp of pork mixture

Dab water onto fingers and run around the edge of the square to moisten and fold the wrapper over the pork, pressing down on the edges. I’ve found that completely pressing down one side at a tip works best for me.


Curl the two sides inwards creating a little crescent shape.

Heat a non-stick pan to medium-high temperature (until water hitting the pan fizzles and evaporates) and cover bottom of pan with thin layer of oil (I used olive oil).


Place dumplings in pan and leave them there until the bottom has turned a golden brown.

Flip the dumplings over, add about 2Tbls of water and quickly cover pan with a top so that the steam does not escape and cooks the rest of the pork.

When you hear the water stop fizzling and steaming, remove dumplings (about one minute).

Pair with soy sauce or another simple sauce like this one and enjoy!

I ended up with =a bunch of leftover uncooked dumplings so I’ve set them aside in the freezer for another day 🙂 Dumplings for days.


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  1. Wow! Looks delicious!! xo


    1. Thanks! They were 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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