Spend vs. Save Beauty Items

When I walk into Sephora or any other place that sells more high end makeup, while I look at a multitude of different brands, I only look for specific products. I know which items I tend to spend more money on because of either the high quality or the more-bang-for-your-buck value in buying a “package deal” rather than individuals. Here is a list of items I purchase and where I prefer to spend my money:

save vs spend

Spend: Eye shadow Palette – I like higher quality eye shadows and get more colors for less when I buy them in a package set.

Save: Eye Liner & Mascara – I go these like candy so if I had to spend a lot on each, I would be broke. I’ve also found mascaras and eye liners that work really well for me that I don’t feel the need to upgrade.

Spend: Brush Set – Similar to eye shadow palettes, you pay less for each brush when you buy them in a set and  when it comes to eye shadow and face brushes, I like the higher quality ones.

Save: Individual Brushes – If I’m missing one specific type of brush I won’t go for a package deal and instead buy a sephora brand single brush. I can’t handle the idea of spending $25+ on a brush.

Spend: Bronzer / Blush –  I simply prefer higher quality bronzers and blushes because I don’t hear as many good things about drugstore brand ones.

Save: Setting powder – Tanya Burr got me hooked on the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Transluscent and since it works like a charm for me, I don’t find the neat to upgrade.

Spend: Lipstick – Since I’m constantly drinking beverages and chatting, I need lipsticks that STAY PUT. I haven’t found any drug store brand lipsticks that do the job as well as my NARS and MAC ones so I almost always stick to high end ones.

Save: Lipbalm / Lipgloss –  I really don’t ever wear either of these which is the real reason for why I save on them. Lipbalm usually makes my lips drier (I don’t know why). And I detest the feeling of sticky lips which is why I stay away from lipgloss.

Spend: ManiPedis – When I feel like pampering myself and my nail beds are looking pretty funky, I splurge on mani pedis with friends as it’s one of my favorite ways to unwind and catch up with friends. Random mani pic from here.

Save: Nail Polishes – Since I paint my own nails a lot, I don’t like spending the extra bucks on high end polishes when I know I’ll probably have to repurchase them sooner rather than later.

I hope you enjoyed this post and please let me know what you like to spend/save on! Have a fantastic weekend ❤


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