Tips for a Surviving A Long Car Ride


Whether it’s been a 6 hour scenic drive through New York state, a 3 hour drive up the coast of Maine, a 4 hour traffic jam getting into NYC or a 2 hour trip down to Martha’s Vineyard, I am constantly finding myself driving long distances. Through my many many long trips I have perfected my driving etiquette and thus reduced the amount of stops I’ve had to make and made the trips more enjoyable overall. Here are some of my tips for making your drives a little more enjoyable.

1. Bring a water bottle. I am a constantly thirsty (not that type of thirsty) person so I know that I bringing water will save me from feeling parched down the line. Plus drinking can fill me up and stave off hunger pains when they start to come around.


2. Download new music before your trip. I find that listening to new music can completely entertain me during tedious drives and seeing as I’m someone who listens to new music over and over and OVER again, these songs can go a long way.

3. Catch up with a friend on the phone. I’m guilty of doing this on my way back from work if there’s a lot of traffic. Catching up with a good friend usually takes me anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour long if we have a lot to catch up on. Plus your friend will be glad you called 🙂

4. Have sunglasses on handy. Squinting from bright skies more often than not leads to me either 1. Getting a headache or 2. feeling tired which is why I always have sunglasses with me for car trips.

5. (Not for everyone) Bring along some Musical soundtracks. For me listening to musical soundtracks is nearly as good as watching the show. Plus I can’t help but sing along to some of my favorites (Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, Wicked, etc.)

I hope these help!


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