Summer Time Comfort

I tend to be a pretty boring dresser during the hot months of the year. This is because my wardrobe is very dependent on the fact that I can usually layer things so on their own, most of my pieces are pretty generic so when it’s too hot to layer, my outfits veer towards the bland side. So instead of focusing on fashion during these months, I try to focus more on comfort. Here are some of my comfiest pieces that have been cycling through my rotation a lot this summer:


1. The softest Tees that never shrink or lose their softness. A little pricey but definitely worth it. (I own three of these in black, white, and army green).

2. (similar) A super flowey skirt that’s also incredibly soft and stretchy. Plus it has pockets!

3. The perfect sweater to throw on for a casual get together at night when it starts to cool down.

4. Kind of a given but at night I pretty much live in these Yoga pants.

5. These sneakers have been my perfect Spring to Summer transition shoe and for someone who prefers closed toed shoes over anything, they are a life saver.


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