NYC Bring Alongs

It’s that time again! The time when I part ways with Boston for the weekend and visit my friend in NYC. The last time I was there I was definitely unprepared for the hot weather and resorted to borrowing my friends shorts for the majority of the trip. This time, however, I’m packing an arsenal full of Summer appropriate attire that will hopefully keep me from melting during our strolls out on the town.

nyc pack


Tobey Grey Tee – I’m being specific about this brand of T-shirt because it is my holy grail brand for tees. They are super soft, stretchy, loose but not too loose, and the best part, they don’t shrink! I have this shirt in black and white and wear them more than any of my other t-shirts and this weekend is no exception.

White Jeans – When it gets cooler at night, there’s nothing I like wearing more than white jeans. They instantly make any outfit more summery and go with virtually anything.

Heeled Sandals – For a night out when you’re trying to dress up but don’t want to look too fancy, heeled sandals are perfect (as long as you’re not walking miles in a night..which is exactly what I did last weekend for the 4th…oops).

Flat Sandals – My flat sandals of choice are Rainbows as they mold to my feet really well and provide enough cushioning for my slightly higher arches. These are what I’m going to be wearing throughout the day.

Day to Night Skirt – Anything that can go from day to night on a trip is a good thing to pack. I’ve weirdly liked wearing skirts this season so I’m bringing one of these along to dress down with a tee during the day and dress up with heels and a nice top at night.


Maybelline Define-A-Brow – For those days when you don’t want your eyebrows to melt off! I find this stuff stays on better throughout the day than going in with a brush and eyeshadow so this will be my eyebrow filling method of choice this weekend.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder – I definitely will not be wearing my tinted moisturizer during the day as I know that I would just sweat it off but I’m going to use this powder anyway to combat any shine that I may encounter throughout the day. I’ll let you know how it works out!

Urban Decay Naked2 Palette – I’ve recently rediscovered my love for this palette because during the summer I like to go for more natural and neutral tones on my eyes and that’s exactly what I get from this palette. I’ve been using Half Baked a bunch lately as the combination of champagne and copper and gold is just beautiful for any summery look.


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