5 Date Ideas


Happy July!

To kick off a new month of posts I thought I would share with you 5 date ideas, some that I have tried out, and some that I’ve been meaning to. I decided to forgo the usual go-to’s of drinks, dinner, movie, etc. and go for some a little more unconventional ideas that I think are even more fun. Let me know if you’ve gone on these dates and how they’ve worked out for you!

1. Billiards – You don’t have to be a pool shark to enjoy a game of billiards. Maybe one of you can teach the other a thing or two! I like to add a spin to the game by making my date/opponent tell me a random fact about them every time a sink a ball.

2. Wine Tasting – Or beer tasting, or whiskey tasting. Really a tasting of any kind is a tasty way to break the ice while discovering some new libation options!

3. Cooking Class – I’ve always loved cooking with significant others and if you don’t feel comfortable bringing them to your place or going to theirs yet, going to a cooking class on neutral terf can be a great alternative. Plus you can forgo the grocery shopping woo!

4. Trivia Night – Maybe it’s the trivia nerd in me that secretly wants to bust out but I think this would be a great way to get to know someone. Every question is literally a conversation starter so leave your list of topics to cover at home and embarrass yourself by blurting out answers to questions you probably shouldn’t know the answer to.

5. Aquarium – It doesn’t matter how old I am, I will always be in awe of fish and sharks and other seaward critters that I would otherwise never see. And oh my goodness if there are otters (my favorite animal), I’m done.


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  1. These are some great, different ideas!! xx 🙂 Great post

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much!! I really appreciate it 🙂


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