Wisdom Teeth Whirlwind

Me and Lila and my chipmunk cheeks

Hello friends!

If I sound a bit strange that’s probably because I’m still taking pain medication for my wisdom teeth removal that occurred on Friday. It is also for this reason that I don’t have a regularly planned post for you and instead just thought I would share what have been my saving graces these past couple of days. Hopefully this may help some of you getting those pearly whites removed!

1. Naked Juices– I’m not a huge juice/smoothie drinker cause I tend to think that these types of drinks have a ton of sugar in them but these were just what I needed this weekend. And a lot of them.

2. PewdiePie– I jumped on the bandwagon and have yet to get off. I’m obsessed with his videos and for anyone else that enjoys watching other people play video games and scream like a little girl, Felix is your guy.

3. Pain Meds– No explanation needed.

4. Puppy– The only semblance of a real weekend that I had was walking my dog outside so props to you Lila Bear. You made me feel somewhat human again.

5. Ice cream/Bananas– The was my diet for the first 24 hours. Here’s what I did: Blend vanilla ice cream, milk, vanilla extract and 3 bananas in a milkshake. Drink until not starving. Repeat.

I hope I’ll be back in action tomorrow but if not, wish me luck with my mouth!

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