Father’s Day Gift Guide

Happy Monday!

My brother and dad have always been the hardest ones in my family to shop for. But given that my brother will always accept a nice bottle of whiskey or gin as a gift while my dad doesn’t drink hard alcohol, shopping for my dad is a little more difficult. I’ve started to think about gifts for my dad for this father’s day (June 21st) and here are some of my picks:

fathers day

Watch ($695 on sale for $127!) – This might be a gift that’s hard to give as a good portion of men already own one nice watch, but for those of you who are willing to spend a little more and have noticed their dad’s watch game is not up to par, this would be a perfect gift.

Work Out Jacket ($200) – I feel like workout jackets are one of those items that men always forget to buy themselves thinking that they can tough it up and won’t need them. Truth bomb: They will, and when they do, they’ll need one of these. Plus, if your father figure already has one but works out a lot, they may need a second one for day-two workouts when the laundry hasn’t been done from the previous day. This happens to me a lot..

Whiskey Stones ($20) – I purchased these for a boyfriend once and I would definitely repurchase these again. All the convenience of ice without the hassle of water watering down your drink.

Shared Hobby Item ($2.69) – Giving your father figure something that has to do with a shared hobby activity will give you an excuse to spend some time with him. I recently returned from a family vacation where my dad and I bonded over a couple of games of tennis so I’m gonna purchase some new tennis balls and make an afternoon of breaking them out.

Wine Subscription (3 bottles for $39 per month) – As I’ve mentioned, my dad doesn’t drink hard alcohol, but he definitely likes wine. A monthly subscription for him to try out some new ones sounds right up his alley.


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