site worthy

Do I sense a series coming on? I think yes. Given the amount of time that I spend on the computer any given day, I tend to do a lot of searching the web and coming across random sites of interest. Here are some that I’ve recently scrolled over and I think are worth taking a peek at.

1. 16 Skin Wreckers – I’m definitely guilty of a couple things on this list…

2. Best New Drugstore Beauty Products – I’ve tried a couple of these out and have not been disappointed yet.

3. MAC and Ellie Goulding Holiday Collaboration – So excited for this!

4. 17 Iconic Music Couples and the Songs They Inspired –  Neat to think about!

5. Best Outdoor Furniture Under $100 – I’m looking for some porch furniture and some of these items might make the cut.

6. The Best Lemon Cake Recipe – This looks so yummy!

7. The Best Champagne Shadows – Nine times out of ten my base color for my eyes is champagne so this is right up my alley.

8. 5 Lessons from a Dog – Thought this story was really sweet and grounding.

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