May Favorites

may favorites

May was a very very busy month for me. I visited one of my best friends in NYC, figured out my living arrangements for next year, vacationed on Antigua for a week and reached my 50th post on Creme de Boston! But throughout all of these momentous occasions I still kept track of the little things that I really enjoyed this month. Here they are!

Kodaline – You may have heard this band’s first song (All I Want) which is a song that is equal parts beautiful, sad, triumphant, and if you watch the music video, uplifting. But for my recent trips I’ve been listening to “One Day” on repeat and have become slightly obsessed with this group. A couple of their other songs I like are “All Comes Down To” and “High Hopes.”

Sleeping At Last – I’m not even sure if this band has an actual CD out but regardless, their music is the type that I could keep listening to for years and years and not get bored of. You probably haven’t heard of them but if you saw the Superbowl Budweiser commercial with the puppy and the horses this year (gets me every single time) then you’ve heard their rendition of “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles).” Their songs are generally pretty long and start off slow but lead to a climax with a whole orchestra playing and I can’t help but tear up sometimes because they’re so freak’n beautfiul gah! So if you’re the type of person who digs a violin or two, or a whole orchestra of music supporting a singer with a gorgeous melody, this band is for you. My current favorites of theirs are “Sun,” “Saturn,” and “North.”

Maxi Skirt – When I was in Antigua I could not take mine off. I paired this puppy with a loose, flowy shirt tucked in to the top or a shorter crop top that I left untucked. These skirts are the epitome of a day-to-night pieces and be completely transformed with the formallness of the top, shoes, and jewelry it’s paired with. I’ll definitely be getting a lot of use out of mine this summer.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in translucent- I purchased this powder last month after hearing multiple rave reviews of it from UK YouTuber Tanya Burr. As it is one of the only drug store products that I find her continually going back to, I decided I should give it a try. I’d never used a powder before but after starting I don’t think I can go back. I HATE the feeling of grease or anything really sticky on my face and even though I don’t wear foundation, I still felt that the concealer and tinted moisturizer I was wearing felt a little to wet for my taste but with a light brush of this powder, I now feel 100% content with the texture. The powder is extremely fine and does not actually feel like anything during application but afterwards my skin is touchably softer and drier (in the good way).

Essie E-Nuff Is E-Nuff – I wore this color for the majority of my vacation in Antigua after the nail polish that I wore for one day came off in the salt water. And without a clear base or top coat, this nail polish stayed on for 5X as long without any chipping and the color is simply to-die for. It’s in between a red and a corally pink, a bright strawberry if you will, and is just one of those colors you see on your nails and get excited about! I needed something bright to stand out and not fade in the sun and water and this polish did just that and more.


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