July 4th Finds

So close to Friday yet so far!

For some reason four day work weeks have always seemed to feel like the longest weeks of work for me. I think this is because my mind is constantly telling me that “it’s a short work week!” which sets my expectations unreasonably high and so when the days roll by at the same slow pace, I’m obviously disappointed. So to keep my sanity I thought I would look for some Independence Day themed pieces for you. Hopefully this week is going by more quickly for you all than it is for me!


Dress // Vans // Tank Top // Shorts // Top // Skirt // Lipstick (Russian Red) // Eye Shadow (Half Baked)


White Out

There is definitely no color that is more prominent in my closet than white. It’s incredibly easy to layer, it goes with every other color, it’s perfect for day and night looks, and it compliments every hair and skin color. And since white looks great with a tan, I’ve been trying to find more pieces to showcase my sun kissed skin this summer. So here we go!


1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7

Myers-Briggs Personality Test


Good morning and happy Friday!

Last week I was out to dinner celebrating Father’s Day/my sister’s birthday when the topic of personality tests came up (the Myers-Briggs Personality Test specifically). The Myers-Briggs Personality Test is one of the most tried and true personality tests out there and determines which one of sixteen personality types you are part of based on 72 yes or no questions. It was widely accepted by the table that these quizzes tend to have no real basis and the different results can be applied to anyone. I, however, heartily disagree with this sentiment and believe that along with being fun to take, this specific test can be very informative and point out traits, motivations and other specific aspects about your personality that you may be otherwise unaware of.

Last night while chatting with a friend this test came up again and I managed to convince him to take it. We spent the next 30 minutes discussing our results (I’m an ESFJ while he’s an INTJ) and while not every specific detail was completely accurate, we definitely had fun going over our strengths, flaws and celebrities that shared our personality type. Try it out for yourself! Comment below which type you are 🙂 I’d love to know!


site worthy

1. 50 Things You Must Be Able To Do To Totally Own At Life – I think I can do about 10, whoops!

2. Tasty tasty Chicken Lettuce Wraps

3. 26 Ways to Add Style to Your Home that I will definitely be taking into account

4. A detailed list of every Ben & Jerry’s Flavors Ranked. Currently salivating..

5. I took this quiz to find out my “Inner Power Animal.” Apparently mine is a dog!

6. Zoeva brushes I’m looking at to add to my collection

7. Party Hacks that I plan on taking advantage of for my next get together

8. How to master the High-Waisted shorts like an fashion icon

Interior Inspiration #4

My mom and I have always wanted a house by the beach. I have also always wanted to decorate said house by the beach and am constantly looking at interior design layouts and pieces that I think would go perfectly in our make believe sea side oasis. When looking for beach house interior design inspirations, however, I can never seem to find rooms that capture this beachy feel without being adorned with framed starfish, bowls of sea shells and boats in jars. That’s why when I came across this set up and did not see any of the usual doo-dads I immediately wanted to do a post about it. I think that this room captures the calming ocean vibe while not being so obviously beach themed and could definitely be replicated in homes that aren’t necessarily on the water. And being someone who unintentionally buys beach themed pieces anyway, I think a lot of these pieces would go pretty nicely in my current apartment.


interior inspiration #4

Pillow // Pillow 2 // Console Table // Chair // Side Table // Lamp // Rug // Sofa