My Perfume Collection

It may surprise people to know that I am not a huge perfume person since I absolutely LOVE scented candles. The reason for this is that I have a very scentsitive (chuckle chuckle) nose and I am extremely prone to headaches so if I wear a strong scent for too long, I start to feel sick. That being said, I still own a small collection of perfumes that are quite clean, light and floral and good for people who are more headache-prone like myself. So if you are someone who likes really intense and sensual scents that just beg to be noticed, you came to the wrong post. But for those of you with a more sensitive shnoss, these may be right up your ally.


Princess by Vera Wang – Probably the most traditionally sweet of my scents, I purchased this bad boy back in High School when it was all the rage and I personally think it still has some rage.

Heaven by Gap – I’m pretty sure the Gap scents have been discontinued at this point but this is the scent that I find myself wearing the most. It’s a scent that I remember from my childhood from my scented princess dolls (Jasmine to be exact) and when I looked up reviews of this scent, most people could smell Jasmine so I guess that makes sense. It’s the epitome of a clean and white floral scent and is perfect for an everyday scent.

Euphoria by Calvin Klein – Definitely the most sultry of my scents, this one is a lot darker and sexier if you know what I mean. It’s still very much a floral scent but it’s much stronger and richer than my others. I tend to save this one for dates and nights out.

Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs – The newest addition to my collection, Daisy Dream is a spin off of the cult favorite Daisy by Marc Jacobs but has a slightly more clean and fresh scent. I feel like this perfume smells the way that wine tastes, slightly sweet, crisp and refreshing.


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