Travel Bag Supplies

If you’ve been reading my recent posts then you may have picked up on the fact that I am going to the island of Antigua on Saturday for the week! And with all of the butterflies flying around in my tummy (a combination of vacation excitement and extreme fear of flying) I’ve been trying to focus on one thing at a time to get through my anxiousness. Today’s thing is packing my bags, and while I could share with you what I’m packing in my checked bag, I’m thinking that telling you about how many pairs of underwear and tank tops I’m taking would be significantly less insightful than sharing with you my less obvious carry on essentials. So without further ado, here they are!

travel bag

1. Head Phones – To listen to music, to watch a movie, or simply to drown out the crying baby sitting in the row across from you.

2. Sweater – Plane’s and trains are cold regardless of your destination. And if you don’t need it, wrap it around your neck and voila! Instant neck brace for sleeping

3. Gum – I always pop a piece of gum before a flight takes off cause there’s nothing worse than not being able to pop your ears during take-off and chewing gum does the trick.

4. Water – This may just be because I’m someone who’s constantly thirsty but I always bring water on trips with me and I’m also always asked to share it with someone at one point or another.

5. Hand Sanitizer – When you’re going to be in close proximity with a bunch of strangers in a closed off area for a long period of time, the least you can do to prevent germs from spreading is bring a sanitizer.

6. Lotion – Whether it’s for my face or your hands, I always like having a lotion with me because airplanes make me feel like I’m in a perpetually dry environment so I need something to give me my moisture back.

7. Extra Clothes – If you’ve been in a situation where your checked bag gets “misplaced,” then you know why you should pack extra clothes. I always bring enough clothes for the next 24 hours after my flight in case this happens.

8. Bathroom Case – For the same reason I bring extra clothes, I bring an emergency bathroom kit with a tootbrush, contact case & solution, and any other overnight necessities.


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