Beach Bag Bring Alongs

Happy Monday everyone!

I’m feeling especially chipper this morning as this is my last week in Boston before I am off to Antigua! Being the last minute packer I am, I’m taking baby steps to get ready for my trip and one of these is planning what I have to bring in my beach bag. And while what I bring on the day-to-day varies, these are the items that I know will have a spot in my bag everyday next week. Let me know if I’m forgetting something!

beach bag

Towel ($29.50) // Body Sunscreen ($5.94) // Face Sunscreen ($10.49) // Waterproof Mascara ($6.99) // Hair Elastics ($2.50) // Cover-up ($78.00) // Sunglasses ($130) // Water Bottle // Flip Flops ($28)


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