My Top 5 Makeup Brushes

make up brushes

In honor of officially moving my collection of brushes from an unorganized mess living in my bureau into an accessible and upcycled tin tea can, I thought I would share with you the top 5 makeup brushes that I use the most and that I honestly could not live without at this point. There are some obvious ones that I did not include (foundation brush, angled brush for brows, gel liner brush) and that is because I simply do not use the products that these brushes are meant for or I do not use these brushes on the regular. I’ve provided both high end and Sephora brand alternatives for anyone on a budget (

1. Tapered Eye Shadow Brush – A semi-firm, semi-soft brush, I use this to put base colors and any all-over shades on my lids. For my everyday looks I can usually create any eye I want to with just this brush and one or two shades of shadow. SAVE // SPEND

2. Precision Eye Shadow Brush – When my tapered brush is too big, I use this brush to add darker shades to the outer corners of my lid and my crease for a more smokey eyed effect. It’s more firm than my tapered brush so I can apply shadow with more precision (yes I know it’s in the name) and blend it out later. SAVE // SPEND

3. Crease Brush – Another eye brush woo! The most recent addition to my eye shadow brush collection and a life changer. I actually never but shadow on this brush and use it specifically for the purpose of blending out and softening up my crease after applying shadow. I have not had a problem with harsh lines or edges after purchasing this one. SAVE (I use this one!) // SPEND

4. Concealer Brush – Ok technically the concealer brush that I use is not concealer brush per say, but that’s what I use it for and so far I have convinced two of my friends to do the same so I must be doing something right. SAVE (I use this one!) // SPEND

5. Blush Brush- I use my blush brush for blush as well as bronzer so I’m just gonna say this is a two-in-one. I use this brush for blush when I put blush on (which is rarely because I have naturally rosey cheeks) and simply squish the bristles between my fingers to create a more flattened brush to apply my bronzer with. I could buy one of those flatter and straighter brushes to apply my bronzer with but I can’t be bothered to spend another $20 to any price more than $20 on another brush at the moment. SAVE // SPEND


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