Favorite High End Lipsticks


Up until about a year and a half ago I was not a lipstick person at all. I had my chapstick and that was about it because anything else I put on my lips seemed to come off within an hour of application. I also had no clue which colors looked good on me and worked for my skin tone so I just stayed away from them all together.

Obviously things have changed since then and I have experimented enough with different brands and colors of lipsticks to recognize which shades suit me (warm, more orange undertones) and which brands last on my lips. Here are my top five high end lipsticks that I reach for the most!



Let’s start out with my Make Up Forever Watermelon N41 lipstick (left most, bottom swatch) as this was really the first shade that convinced me I could look good with a colored lip. The color is a beautiful bright but not too bright coraly peach that’s a 50/50 mix between pink and orange. I’ve always felt that my lips look a little purple for my face (people are constantly asking me if I’m cold when I’m in the water because they turn violet after about 5 minutes) so I wanted something to cancel out the darkness of my lips and match the warm tones of my face while also being noticeable. This lipstick did the trick! It’s definitely a sheen but still adds enough color to tint my lips the shade I love.

Moving right along, my most worn and loved lipstick to this date is my MAC Kinda Sexy (second to left, second to bottom swatch). I’ve mentioned this before but this shade is my nude, or at least what I would like my nude shade to be. It’s my natural lip color minus a little bit of the purpleness and because the color is so matte and thick (this stuff does not come off for hours) it doesn’t need orange undertones in it. Sometimes I add some MAC Supreme Sheen Lipstick in Impressive to add a little more shine to my lips (also a nude color for me but glossier) but generally I use this on its own and love the color payoff.

I couldn’t do a favorite lipstick post without including my go-to red which is my MAC Russian Red (second to right, middle swatch). I cannot tell you how many different red lipsticks I tried on in search for one that is perfect for me but this is it! Again, super matte and it stays on for hours without me having to reapply. I pair this bold red lip with minimal eye makeup (eye liner on top lashes and mascara) cause the lips really do all the talking in this look (ha see what I did there?). Also, people always say I look like Taylor Swift with this look which I am not upset about!

Next up, Damn Glamorous by (surprise surprise) MAC (right most, second to top swatch) ! I kind of bought this color on a whim when I was looking for a not-red bold lip and absolutely fell in love. My favorite color for a lipstick is somewhere between a true red and a watermelon pink and this color is just that. I put this on in the store and before even checking out I had three separate people come up to me and ask which color I was wearing. Yeah, it’s that pretty. It’s just one of those colors that I would be drawn to even if it wasn’t in lipstick form because I could look at it all day.

Last but not least, my newest addition to the crew, my Dior Addict Lipstick in the shade 578 (sideways, top swatch). I was given this lipstick by a friend who had received the sample size as her birthday gift from Sephora and I could not be more grateful. The color is a darker dusty rose shade is is extremely sheen. It adds enough color to my lips that I feel like I’m wearing a color that’s noticeable while making them feel so silky smooth that I usually spend the first five minutes after I apply it just rubbing my lips together. It’s quickly become my new day-to-day favorite.

I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know which shades you’d recommend!


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