5 Guilty Pleasure Activities (That Don’t Cost a Dime)

guilty pleasures

As someone who craves activity and needs to be doing something or multiple things at all times, I have found some pretty interesting and fun ways to spend my time either by myself or with friends. While not all of these activities are kind to my wallet (probably did not need to spend $30 on takeout and a bottle of wine last week), some of my favorite ways to spend my time are completely free. Here are some of my top ways of spending my time without spending my money:

1. Lip Stick Testing – Every time I’m in NYC with my best friend from college, we spend at least an hour in Sephora trying on new products. At least 10-15 minutes of this time is spent figuring out which lip stick we’re going to walk out wearing for the rest of the day. It’s a great way to take a lip stick out for a test run while still getting that “I’m wearing something new” confidence without spending a penny.

2. Magazine Browsing – I’ve noticed more and more people catching on to this but I love going into Barnes and Noble (or whichever book store you prefer) and parking in the magazine section for a good hour or so reading magazines I don’t care to spend $4 on. I have to get my pop culture fix somehow!

3. Makeup Makeover – I’m not always confident enough in my makeup abilities to try my hand at a new look/technique the night I intend on wearing it out. Some looks just need a little more practice than others. This is why I like trying and perfecting more difficult makeup looks during my free time when I have nothing to actually get ready for. This way I have all the time in the world to mess up and redo the look I’m going for until I’ve nailed it (or at least improved).

4. Getting Lost in a Route – For all you walkers, runners, bikers, roller bladers, skooter-ers (is that a thing?) and everyone else out there who really likes to explore by foot, this is for you. A lot of times I’ll find myself coming across a road or a trail I’ve never run down before and have the immediate urge to explore. So I do. There’s something so exciting for me about being in an unknown place on your own or with a friend and being completely lost (no pun intended) in the moment. Side note – I would NOT recommend doing this in an unsafe area or if you do not have a means of getting back to a familiar place (a cell phone with GPS, taxis, etc.)

5. Perfume Sampling – I don’t know about you but I can only spend so long in the beauty/perfume section of a department store before I get a major headache. That’s why I love finding places that give you free samples to take home with you and try out. Usually the samples last me a while and even if they don’t, they’re free! I’ve gotten quite a few “samples” at Jo Malone. What can I say, I’m very indecisive?

Let me know if you share any of these guilty pleasures with me! I’d love to know if I’m the only one crazy enough to plan a day around these activities 🙂


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