Essence of Essie


You will rarely catch me with unpainted nails. That’s not to say that they will always be perfect and unchipped (cause a good amount of the time they are) but if I don’t have a color on them, I have a terrible habit of biting them in an effort to smooth out the edges which more often then not just leaves me with stubs. So after painting my nails an average of twice every three weeks or so, you can imagine that I have a good collection of colors to choose from and I definitely have my favorites. Here are my go-to nail colors that I have in my collection that I think everyone should try:

Bright Pink – When I’m on vacation, nine times out of ten I’ll have some shade of hot pink on my nails. There’s something about seeing that happy shade on my hands that really puts me in the holiday or vacation mind set.

Taupe – If you’re a regular visitor of Creme de Boston then you’ll know that I have a slight addiction to taupe. I probably put Chin Chilly on every other time I paint my nails. (looks more purple in person)

Magenta – Really any combination of pink and purple is a color I gravitate towards. I definitely have at least 4 or 5 shades of pinky-purple colors varying in pinkness or purpleness but Miami Nice (previously known as Miami Beet) always comes out on top for me.

Red – I think of red nail polish as the Little Black Dress of nail colors. Every girl should own one and you break it out on special occasions to get a little extra boost of confidence.

Baby Pink – There really aren’t any situations in which a light pink nail is inappropriate. Perfect for interviews, work, events, dates, etc., a baby pink nail is always a classy, lady-like look.

Fun Color – You have a wear a fun, out of the norm color every once in a while and for me that’s Turquoise and Caicos. My favorite color is turquoise so this pick for me is no surprise. (looks more blue in person)

Let me know which colors you’d recommend! I’m always open to suggestions


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