Everyday Wardrobe Staples Save & Spend

I feel like I’m always posting about things that I’d like to have in my wardrobe, my makeup collection, my apartment, etc. And when I mention “essentials” in a post, what I really mean is that in a perfect world, I would have all of these items in my closet. Given that I’m only 23, however, and have only been working for about 2 years, I obviously do not have the most financial freedom in the world and therefore cannot afford everything on my wishlist. For those of you who also feel the strain of a limited budget, I thought about and compiled a list of the pieces in my collection that I already own and cannot live without. I realize that I did not include some obvious situational essentials (swim suit, suit for interviews, winter boots..) but this post would’ve gone on for pages if I included everything. These are simply my everyday (or more common) staples.

I truly believe that these pieces are ones that every girl should own or invest in if they do not already have them. Here are some cheaper and more pricey options for my picks:


Neutral Cardigan – While I tend to go for neutrals with just about everything I buy, I think it’s important to have at least one neutral cardigan. If you own at least one bright colored or patterned shirt or dress, during the number of times you wear it you are more likely than not going to require a little extra coverage and warmth and that’s when a neutral toned cardigan comes in to save the day. SAVE // SPEND

Black & Nude Pumps – These are separate, and you need both. Black for interviews and pretty much any occasion where you have a dark colored or patterned dress and nudes for whenever you’re wearing a little colored dress or an all over light ensemble where wearing black shoes would distract from your clothing. SAVE // SPEND

LBD (Little Black Dress) – Similar to how dark jeans are more flattering on all body types, so are dark dresses. Black goes with everything and if you’re someone who wears dresses (I actually am not a huge dress person) there will be multiple opportunities and occasions for you to break this one out of your closet. SAVE // SPEND

Blazer – Blazers have the power to instantly transform a casual ensemble into a sophisticated one. They look good with pretty much every outfit I can think of and are appropriate for virtually any occasion. SAVE // SPEND

Silver / Gold Studs – Yes I know this is the only jewelry piece I included in this post but honestly, everyone’s style is so different when it comes to jewelry that simple silver and/or gold studs seemed like the only piece that go with all different styles of jewelry. SAVE // SPEND

Loose White Button Down – I’m going to stress loose because a tight, fitted button down portrays a very different, work-esque look. Loose button downs can be office appropriate and casual and because of their fit, look good on every body shape. SAVE // SPEND

Sneakers – It doesn’t matter if you have never worked out a day in your life, you are going to get yourself into situations when your feet will require the support and structure of a sneaker. And no, I’m not talking about the heeled or platform style (can’t say I’ve jumped on either of these bandwagons), I’m talking about the good old, no fuss sneaker. SAVE // SPEND

Dark Wash Jeans – It does not matter which cut you purchase (I prefer skinny jeans myself) but dark wash jeans are much more multi-purpose than light wash. They can be dressed up for “casual friday” at work or a date with a nice blouse, or dressed down with a tee for everything else. SAVE // SPEND


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