Spring Shoes to Spring For

I am by no means as much of a shoe-aloholic as my mom is (she literally has boxes of unopened shoes in her closet) but that does not mean that I’m not as enamored by them as she is. I’ve recently come to the conclusion that my own shoe collection is a bit lacking and that I would like to put a lot more effort and a little more of my paycheck into purchasing more shoes that I believe are not only gorgeous but have become staples over the last year or so. Here are my top Spring shoe styles that I either own a pair of or will very soon.

spring shoes

1. Ankle Boots – Ankle boots look good on absolutely everyone, and this is no exception during the Spring/Summer seasons. Pair these with boyfriend jeans, denim shorts or a flowy dress and you’re good to go

2. Flats – I bought a pair similar to this from Banana Republic when I was in NYC a couple weeks ago and I have not taken them off my feet. I think they’re the perfect combo of casual and chic.

3. Structured Sandal – For those days when you don’t think you can pull off the full fledged high heel with skimpy straps or thin heels, structured heeled sandals are perfect. My feet last a whole lot longer in these guys than they do their their slightly less structured and slightly more accident-prone counterparts.

4. Strappy Heel – I’m not sure how anyone could say these aren’t hot. They’re the simplest most stripped down version of a heel there is and that’s just fine with me.

5. Open Toed Booties – I’ve mentioned this type of shoe in my NYC suitcase post but I still haven’t gotten my hands on a pair. I think of these shoes as the sexy older sister to the cute booties that I rock year round.

6. Fancy Flat Sandals – Let’s face it, sometimes your favorite pair of Havajanas or Rainbows just won’t cut it. When you need something a little more upscale yet still casual and easy to walk in, a nice pair of flat sandals are always a safe bet.


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