NYC Haul

Hello everyone!

As sad as I am to have had my NYC escapade come to an end, I’m happy to be back on the blog. I wanted to share with you a couple of the purchases I made in the big apple this weekend and seeing as I’ve already been wearing/using them since the moment I purchased them, give them my reviews. You may notice that most of my purchases are similar to items I had already referenced in either my NYC packing post or my J.Crew post but this just goes to show that when I recommend stuff, it’s really stuff I would buy! (and did..)


Coat – I was looking for a duster coat and this one was taupe (which I cannot resist at the moment) and perfect. It was light weight enough to wear in warm weather but heavy enough to keep me protected when it got cooler at night. I paired this with heels, skinny jeans and a lose chiffon top and felt super chic and comfortable all night.

Necklace – First dainty necklace purchased! I’ve mentioned before that I tend to go for more geometric pieces of jewelry and this one is just that. I like wearing more gold in the Spring and I haven’t taken this off since I put it on on Saturday because it goes with everything! Unfortunately the exact one I found is sold out online but I found a very similar one on ASOS.

Sneakers – I finally found them! After 2 full days of searching I found them and oh my goodness they are so comfy. My feet never seem to do well with slip-on shoes of any kind (thank you overly sensitive blistering heals) but I can wear these guys for hours and feel fine! They’re definitely my new go-to Spring shoe.

Tinted Moisturizer – Confession: I’ve never worn a drop of foundation (GASP!). But this winter really did a number on my skin and have left my cheek bones in a permanently dry state which makes them more pink than they usually are. So I took a baby step and bought this tinted moisturizer by Nars. It provides enough coverage to cover my pink spots whilst hydrating them! I don’t even bother with a brush and just apply this with my hands to the spots I think need a little more moisture and toning and after a minute or two my face feels freshly moisturized and not greasy at all thanks to its oil-free formula. (I also used a translucent powder over it so that may have helped too).

Let me know what you think of these pieces!

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