Top 10 Reasons to Run


I am by no means a marathon runner, a half-marathon runner, or a race runner in general. In fact, up until I graduated High School I found running pretty pointless. Since I was a pretty serious soccer player I considered running to simply be a means to an end with the end being getting the ball or a variation of that and when I thought of running for the sake of just running it kind of boring and monotonous. This, however, has changed since I stopped playing soccer competitively and started running for the sole reason of staying in shape. And while I still run to stay in shape, I have found a lot more motivations over the past years to keep hitting the pavement. Here are my top ten:

1. Routine and familiarity – I’m someone that thrives with a set schedule (I don’t really like change) and when things in my life adjust themselves (new apartment, new job, etc.) I find comfort in knowing I will still be able to run

2. Endorphines – An obvious one but still very important. After I run I naturally feel happier. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m tired and slightly delirious or just happy that I got through my miles for the day but I definitely feel the difference!

3. Time to catch up with a buddy – I run with a friend of mine every Wednesday and it gives us a time to catch up that we may have otherwise been too lazy to schedule. Plus talking during a run really takes your mind of your muscles screaming!

4. Cute athletic clothes – If I didn’t run I wouldn’t have an excuse to buy cute running shoes and patterned running capris. This way they’re actually justified purchases!

5. Eat more – Ok I don’t go overboard with the eating just cause I run, but if I went on a 6-miler that day than I may or may not treat myself to a little something extra at dinner.

6. You’ll be in good shape – This is pretty self explanatory but a healthy body is a happy body! Running has helped me fill the void that soccer used to fill.

7. Discover new music – I don’t get the chance to listen to music much but during runs music is a must. If I’m not listening to my run playlist I’m finding new music on Pandora stations

8. Discover new places – Whether it’s jogging around Boston and figuring out the map of the city or taking a new dirt path in the wooded suburbs, I’m always discovering new places that I never would’ve come across if I had not run there.

9. A break – Sometimes my runs are the only time of day I have to clear my head. When I’m focusing on my pace, my breathing, my music, my route or even the scenery, I’m not thinking about the stressful stuff in my day.

10. Feeling of accomplishment – It seems like upon entering “the real world” you are not given nearly as many opportunities to feel accomplishment the way you did when you aced an exam or won a sports match. Running a longer distance than I’ve ever done, trudging through a blizzard and surviving with all of my appendages in tact (ahem Juno) or getting a “fastest pace!” notice on my tracker at the end provide me with that feeling of accomplishment and pride that I think everyone could use a little more of.

Have a great weekend and happy running!


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