Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are two holidays that always seem to sneak up on me. I’m terrible with dates as it is (I honestly didn’t know my parents birthdays until I was 18) and the fact that these holidays don’t even take place on the same day every year make it virtually impossible for me to remember them. It’s for these reasons that I always do my gift shopping for these holidays as soon as I see the “Pick these up for Mother’s Day!” banners popping up everywhere. Here are some picks that I think would make great Mother’s Day gifts for just about any mama:

mothers day

1. Swimsuit by J.Crew – My mom has resigned herself to the fact that she can’t wear bikini’s (not true but whatever) and if your mom is the same way, I think a piece like this would be perfect for her. The cinch and the low back add a little more sass than the usual one piece while still covering up the essentials and then some.

2. Happy Perfume by Clinique – Or really any perfume that your mother fancies. My mom is a Happy addict so this would be the obvious choice for her.

3. Cookbook – Buy a cookbook (one with good pics obviously) and label recipes you want to try making wither her. It’ll give you both a good excuse to make time to spend together and she can probably teach you a thing or two!

4. Personalized Necklace – A delicate personalized necklace is a good combination of subtle, stylish, and sentimental (not a bad combination if you ask me). I would personally go with the three “kids” initials in my family: N, L and J.

5. Baume de Rose – Heard lots of great reviews about this lightly rose scented and extremely moisturizing balm/gloss. It’s obviously pretty pricey but only the best for mother! Plus you can probably sneak a use in or two. Or five.

6. Embroidered Pillow – If you’re feeling a little sentimental these pillows are always a nice gift. I received one from my mom a couple years back of Martha’s Vineyard (our favorite place in the world) and I love keeping it on my bed as a pretty reminder of the island.

7. Table Topics – For the hostess with the mostest mother. I personally love seeing these on peoples tables but that’s just the mom in me.


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